New Website Is Here!

Hey folks,

The new "" is up & running! After 10 years or so with another web hosting company, I felt like a change and I must say I'm really pleased with the results. HostBaby has been terrific and I'm having fun creating, experimenting and learning as I go through the process of re-imagining and rebuilding my site. Incidentally, if you're so inclined, feel free to share your comments and/or suggestions. I would enjoy hearing from you!

As on my previous site, I'm going to be offering free downloads of music, charts, and perhaps even an instructional nugget of wisdom here and there when the moment strikes me. There is certainly no shortage of technical and theoretical advice out there, but there are times when a gig, session, or rehearsal presents some truly teachable moments. Such moments are rarely found in method books but are nonetheless voluminous in their potential for personal and professional growth. As I often do with my students, I will endeavor to share them with you as I see fit.

In the "As One Door Closes, Another One Opens" department, I felt at a bit of a disadvantage when beginning to create my new site as much of the material from the old site - photos, reviews, journal entries, videos, biographical material - became unavailable to me once I switched hosting servers and the old site went dark. Never thought to save anything as it was always online. Lesson learned there! However, in having to start anew, I find I'm enjoying the opportunity to sort of "repackage" myself. After all, a lot can (and has) changed in the last 10 years both personally & professionally. I'm hoping the new site will reflect that and, going forward, the feelings I express in this forum will show a man & musician with slightly rearranged priorities, a newfound appreciation for where I've been and where I'm going, and a humbleness brought about by experiences both old and new, and by the awesome talent of those around me.

If you find yourself enjoying these musings of mine, I invite you to click on the link to my past writings dating back to 2004:

Until next time, thanks for reading & listening!

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