Back In The Saddle

Well folks, back for the third time in just over 10 years with the legend himself, Engelbert Humperdinck. Know what?...Feels great! I get to spend some solid time playing electric bass and playing great tunes in some equally stellar company. Obviously, some new faces (it has been a while) but, as expected, some familiar ones too.

Engelbert looks & sounds terrific and, with his 80th birthday approaching, seems not to have lost his enthusiasm for performing nor his desire for getting things right. I respect that and, with my own passing years accumulating, feel myself pulling for him and hoping to contribute in my own way.

The music world has lost more than its share over the last year. I say, let's celebrate the wonderful contributions made by the artists & performers who are still among us rather than wait till they're gone.

Here's to each and every one of them...

Until next time,

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