The opener, "Naked In L.A.", is outstanding, and the duet between Ernie Watts (that highly underrated player) and Cohen on electric bass on the melody is the high point of the album to me. It is the shortest selection and, in the best compliment I could possibly give, it left me wanting more.

"GREAT ADAM! Beautiful recording!! Best wishes and much success with this new project. YOU ROCK! Peace . . ."

“Great playing and very hip writing. I especially dig your acoustic work Adam. Great sound and feel. Cool record!”

"I am not just blowing hot air up your pant leg when I say your CD is phenomenal! It is by far my favorite right now. Really great stuff."

Music by Adam Cohen

Electric Bass Solo - "The Road Home"

Acoustic Bass Solo - "Ana Maria"

Engelbert 2018 ~ "The Man I Want To Be"

Highlights from "Stern Warning", by Adam Cohen

Groove Lexicon - "Bolivia"

Engelbert 2016 - "Ten Guitars"