Once again, a long overdue update to the site with the latest performance dates. I've just returned from a tour of the Northwest with my colleagues in Paris Chansons (www.parischansons.com).

Hey folks,

Been a while since I've updated the site. Way overdue. So, new dates, new year (soon), and some news.

Look on the gigs page for new EH Tour dates as well as some L.A. area shows with an interesting variety of artists & bands. Love variety! Of note is the return of Groove Lexicon to the Vitello's stage and the album release party for Steve Huffstetter's Latin Jazz Band at the same venue. Can't wait! (But I really need to practice).

From the home studio comes an arrangement & demo I did of the perennial stage song The Impossible Dream for my boss, Engelbert Humperdinck. I'm quite proud of it and will be posting both the demo track (featuring some friends on vocals & guitar) and snippets of the written score. 

I'm also excited to begin private study with symphonic bassist Kraig Long in early January. This is something I've dreamed of doing for some time. After many years in the woodshed (as in hacking it out on my own at home) I am pleased to have the opportunity to study with someone who is truly immersed in the classical world. I am preparing myself to be humbled.

That's all for now folks! Stay tuned for posts of both personal & musical nature in weeks to come.

Until next time...

A new arrangement is up that you bassists out there will have some fun with.

I'm very excited about what the next few months bring! Los Angeles is in the midst of a rainstorm and I think it's a perfect metaphor for the musical events coming down that will undoubtedly quench my thirst for playing, writing, composing, recording, and performing.

One of life's greatest pleasures is one of it's most fundamental yet, often, most elusive things; doing what you love to do, and doing a lot of it. To go home at the end of the evening knowing that you've played your heart out, made some people smile, applaud, and go back to their lives having been moved by the music you've played is truly gratifying. Knowing that you get to do it all over again the next day, well, that's when you feel like you're in a zone.

You've done all the practicing (or not), you've had the conversations with yourself about the knuckle-headed unmusical thing you did on the last gig and you're sure as hell not gonna do it again, and you've made sure that your instrument & equipment produces the pleasing musical sounds you hear in your head. Then…all that goes out the window. It's time to get to the task at hand; the act of making music. This is where the musician inside of you comes into play. The very essence of who you are as a musician and why you got the call to be there in the first place. It's simply time to do the work.

Tonight I had the privilege of doing the work with some tremendous musicians. I don't take it for granted because making music - making truly inspired, artistic, creative music - is a gift, not an entitlement. 

Thank goodness I get to do it all over again tomorrow.

Until next time...

Your friendly neighborhood bassist,

I realized that beyond the "nuts & bolts" of notes, scales, rhythms, etc. lies the one thing that makes me who I am, different from the previous brilliant musicians I and the audience had just heard from; my humanity.

On the eve of my departure for points east with the inimitable Engelbert, I paused to reflect on the experiences that await (both musical & otherwise) and what a wonderful gift it is to play good music. To do so as a way of life with so many talented people is something for which I am extremely grateful.

Looking ahead, I have so many reasons to to be thankful and - perhaps as important - to continue working to improve as a musician, a father, and as a man. 

See you out there!

Well folks, back for the third time in just over 10 years with the legend himself, Engelbert Humperdinck.

Upon further investigation, I discovered that the "German" version of the German bow grip felt particularly comfortable to me and afforded me a great deal of power, control and dexterity I had not enjoyed before. (I surmised that since they invented the German bow that perhaps they knew what they were doing!).

Spending time in the "woodshed" (musician term for practice room or just the act of practicing) is simultaneously one of the most humbling and rewarding experiences a musician can have.

Hey folks,

The new "adamcohenmusic.net" is up & running! ...in having to start anew, I find I'm enjoying the opportunity to sort of "repackage" myself. After all, a lot can (and has) changed in the last 10 years both personally & professionally. I'm hoping the new site will reflect that...

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